Catching up

Things have been insanely busy around my life lately and I completely forgot to upload pictures and do a review of the Asian festival this year.  So now almost 2 months later I’m finally getting around to it.  My fiance, Cody and I plus 3 of my friends went on Sunday and it was incredibly hot and humid.  I don’t remember ever sweating so much.  One of those days where the heat was almost painful.  We managed to keep ourselves pretty distracted though with the music/dance performances, some good food and the market.  It was pretty typical and I was kind of sad, was hoping there might be someone that had some kimono or kitsuke items.  Almost makes me want to stock up and go next year as a vendor!  I doubt it could happen but it would be fun.  Here are some of the few pictures I took.  One with myself and my friend Erin and the others are various performances pictures.ErinlizAfestokinawandancersprettymusicmakers


About reddelilah

I am an LMT by day and a Kimono and Geisha lover full time.
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One Response to Catching up

  1. Vika says:

    Wah! Gamelan set.
    That’s our traditional music instruments.
    So proud of them.
    I can’t play gamelan, but watching gamelan performance is really something ^__^.

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