Why my fiance is awesome

CodyOtaikofront This is why my fiance Cody is so awesome, well one of the many reasons.  I was really struggling with my otaiko musubi the other night and he willingly let me practice on him.  I do have to say that I’m a bit jealous though because this obi fits him a lot better than it fits me.  I was struggling with the long end in the back, the part that forms the drum of the otaiko because it’s so long but the pattern is really high up so it’s hard to get the makura in there.  I asked around on immortalgeisha and found out it’s possibly a nijidaiko(sp?) which is slightly more formal that a regular nagoya obi.  The next time I put it on I’m going to try folding it a different way and see if that works better.  Practice, Practice, Practice!


About reddelilah

I am an LMT by day and a Kimono and Geisha lover full time.
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