I took a chance

So my new hanhaba obi hasn’t even arrived yet but I was bumming around on E-bay today and spotted this lot of three for $10.  After watching all day and realizing that no one was going to bid on it I decided to go for it and won!  The whole thing cost me about $27, including shipping!  What most caught my eye though is the burgundy/pink haori on the bottom.  I love burgundy so I hope the color is close to the photos and I’ve been secretly wanting something with origami cranes on it for a while.  My godfather used to make them for me when we went to visit when I was a kid so they are kind of special to me.  I wish I still had some of the ones he made for me.  So really I would have paid the same amount just for the haori if I had seen it by itself.  The top dark blue kimono is a mens piece which will probably be waaaaay to short for Cody but it will be nice to have on hand to take to panels and what not.  The middle piece looks like a light weight/weave summer komon with pretty swirly designs all over it.  I really can’t wait to get my hands on this lot as this was the only pictures the seller had up.  However they have been on E-bay a long time and have a 100% feed back rating.  That was the chance I took…I know the middle one will fit me as I asked about dimensions and well I think the haori is just beautiful.  I’m so excited!  My first E-bay win.  These babies should be here early next week since they are shipping from California.  My hanhaba should be here this week too so I have lots of new things to play dress up with.  Now if I can just get myself to buy some shoes I’ll be set!


About reddelilah

I am an LMT by day and a Kimono and Geisha lover full time.
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