So I’ve been missing from here for a little while.  Apologies for that.  I got sick with a really bad cold that held on for a good two weeks.  Unfortunately I was unable to participate in the kimono panel that I had planned with Quat and Kelsey due to said cold.  The day before we were scheduled I lost my voice and could barely speak the next day.  I felt really bad and showed up to help them put stuff away and so I wouldn’t waste the $30 I spent on a weekend badge.  On top of this I am in my last quarter of college and have a very demanding schedule with that.  Oi…it’s almost over.

Anyway here is that nifty yukata/hitoe komon that I got in the lot I purchased off e-bay.  OMG, it is huge!  I honestly never thought I’d find a piece that I was just swimming in but hey you never know.  I realize I’m dressed pretty sloppy in this photo and my obi is riding up.  It got stuck on one of my himo…  Normally I wouldn’t pair such a subtle obi with this but it is the only hanhaba I own at the moment.  This was also the piece that was giving me hell as when I received it I noticed a rather large sweat stain on the back of the collar.  After hand washing the stain still wasn’t gone and I had water marks all over the thing.  I decided to take a chance and throw it in the wash using a garment bag and the gentle cycle.  While it did freshen the piece quite a bit unfortunately the stain is still present.

I bought this because I really loved the pattern and figured it would be a good versatile piece but with the stain I don’t know if I’d wear it in public, plus the fact it is so huge.

I do have some better pictures of the men’s kimono that came in the lot as well.  I will try to post those with some info later this week.

The beautiful haori with the orizu(sp?)origami cranes was also pretty badly worn with a few small holes and stains on the lining.  It was also very wrinkled but I think I may be able to take care of that.  Seriously considering taking it to a dry cleaner but I don’t know for sure yet.  I’m pretty sure that it is wearable it just needs some attention first.  Oh and it is wonderfully long!  I’ll make an attempt to post detailed pictures of it soon as well.


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I am an LMT by day and a Kimono and Geisha lover full time.
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