Well, fancy that…

There is this little consignment store a few miles from my house called Second Impressions that I’ve been meaning to go into for a while.  For the past 6 or so months whenever I’ve driven past it I’ve thought, “I should really go in there.”  I finally gave in today and made it my last stop on a journey of antique and thrifting this after noon.  The shop is pretty small with the standard second hand clothes heaped on racks and various knick knacks strewn about.  I then discovered a back room where the dressing room was located that had various formal style dresses.  As I was browsing through this room I noticed what I thought was a mirror by the corner of the wall.  I was standing off to the side so I couldn’t see my refection.  Upon closer examination it was actually a door that led into a walk in closet that had been stuffed to the ceiling with clothes racks that were full of costumes.  I decided what the heck and plunged in tripping over a pair of boots and getting a clown wig dropped on my head in the process.  After recovering from that I started pushing my way through the racks to see what was in there.  These racks were so full you literally had to dig to find some of the pieces.  My hand then pulled out a corner of fabric that looked and felt like it didn’t quick belong with the rest of the items.  I pull it out and it’s a blue and white bamboo print yukata.  It wasn’t an amazing find but it’s in pretty decent shape.  I have to sew one of the sleeves up a little and wash it but it’s a good size for me and will be nice and comfy to run around the house in.  I may use it for my Halloween costume this year since it’s cotton and washable and was cheap.  I think I need to trust my instincts more when they are telling me to go into a place.  It was just so random!  Just proves you can find almost anything even if you don’t know you’re looking for it in the first place.


About reddelilah

I am an LMT by day and a Kimono and Geisha lover full time.
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