Hana Gifts

Located at 1160 Kenny Centre Mall
Columbus, OH 43220-4036
(614) 451-7008


This is a great little shop near my apartment that I’ve been visiting off and on for some years now.  They are conveniently located next to a Japanese grocer that has an awesome little noodle shop in it as well.  Hana gifts is basically a gift shop that caters mostly to the Japanese community in Columbus, Ohio.  They’ve got a wide selection of goods ranging from stationary, manga, video rental, tea and sake sets, bento boxes, art, magazines, books…well pretty much anything you could imagine.  Half of the store is geared more towards kids and young teenagers with lots of hello kitty merchandise and almost two whole walls with floor to ceiling manga.  The only downside is that it is all in Japanese but it’s still an amazing sight to behold.  The other side of the store is more your standard gifts plus the video and book/magazine section.  I’ve gotten kimono magazines here in the past so I take them to be a pretty good fix when I can’t afford to buy and ship kimono from over seas.  Imagine my surprise when I stopped by with some friends about two weeks ago and they had a small rack in the back that had kimono on it!  Upon closer inspection I saw that most were of the yukata variety and looked like they had been made of cheap fabric; touristy type items.  I was pleased though however to find several that were silk komon and a hitoe (unlined) one as well.  They all seemed to be in good shape and ran your standard $45-$65.  I know I can get cheaper online but I was just so stoked to see kimono being sold in an actual Japanese shop here in Columbus!  I sort of wanted to just buy them all up, if I’d had the money, just to see if they would get more in.  I also wanted to try to talk to the shop worker and see if she knew anything about where they were getting them from.  Sadly one of my friends wasn’t feeling to well so we had to leave and I didn’t get the chance but I’d like to go back in there some time and start asking questions.    The whole area is really fun and I believe there is also an asian bakery around the corner too.

Here is a picture of the ‘kid’ side of the store.


About reddelilah

I am an LMT by day and a Kimono and Geisha lover full time.
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