2011 resolutions and looking back

So last year in January I made a list of kimono ‘resolutions’ of things I wanted to acquire and do related to kimono for the New Year.

Here is the list and what I managed to accomplish:

“I really want something with either waves or skulls on it this year be it obi or kimono.” Sadly I acquired neither of these two motifs to add to my collection.  I have noticed that my tastes have changed dramatically over the year though and neither of these motifs appeal to me very much anymore.

“I’d like to acquire a nice pair of zori this year as well.” This one I can check off my list.  I snagged a pair of black, burgundy and cork zori that match a couple of my kimono very well.

“Be able to comfortably and confidently dress myself in basic kimono in a reasonable amount of time.  I’ve found that dressing someone else is a lot easier for me.” To me I feel like I still need a lot of work in the kitsuke department but I can manage a pretty quick dress now in either yukata or simple kimono such as komon with otaiko musubi.  My record stands at about 15 minutes.

“Learn a new musubi and possibly purchase a more formal obi such as Fukuro or Maru.”  I did learn some more ways to tie a hanhaba obi this year and did purchase a Fukuro to go with my Furisode.

“Participate in at least one Kimono centralized event this year.  I’m not counting Ohayocon because we are only doing  a panel.” This did not happen…sort of.  While there were no kimono specific events close enough for me to attend Quat and I did wear yukata to a Japanese butterfly exhibit in Cincinnati.

“Either make or purchase appropriate under garments.” I know own three Juban although one shrunk during a washing experiment.

Overall I think I was pretty successful in completing my goals last year.


This years list is going to be shorter.

1. Buy something with stripes!  I’m in love with stripes right now, they  have such a cool vintage feel.

2. Participate in more kimono panels this year.  I’m not giving myself a definite number but more than two.  Last year we did two and I was sick for the second one.  I’m already up this year since we are doing three for Ohayo-con but I’d like to get in one more con for a teaching panel.

3. Focus on buying more kitsuke accessories.  I noticed that I have quite a few kimono but very few accessories to pull full outfits together.  I think I’m still a little unsure of my coordination so I’m hesitant to buy items I’m not 100% sure will match with things I own.

4. Practice, Practice, Practice!



About reddelilah

I am an LMT by day and a Kimono and Geisha lover full time.
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