Dragonfly motif

The dragonfly is a late summer to  early autumn motif.  Here the bright red and blue dragonflies are featured on a ro (or summer weight) fukuro obi that has been sewn into a nagoya style for easier wear.  The little lines you see are actually tiny holes in the fabric to make it more light weight and breathable for the hot summer months.  The dragonfly is a very special design in Japan since they have many meanings.  In ancient times Japan was referred to as Akitsushima, which translates to dragonfly islands.  Samurai were often fond of the dragonfly as well since the ancient name for them meant victory insect.  The insect also symbolizes courage, strength, happiness, new beginnings, good fortune, infinity, love and romance.  Because of the dragonflies relatively short life span it is easy to make a comparison to the Sakura and the general Japanese view on the transient beauty of life.  With so much symbolism the dragonfly is truly a special motif.

Note:  Information taken from a wikipedia article on dragonfly symbolism and an article on ‘Tetsubin’ cast iron teapots and their designs.


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