Colossal con 2011


So I’m finally just getting around to the update for Colossal con.  I had a good time at the con and even took in the water park on Sunday.  We played a game of volley ball with a voice actor and had drinks.  Other than being super tired cause I didn’t sleep well it was by far one of the best cons I’ve been too.

The panel was well received with between 10-15 people at any given time.  Sadly I didn’t get any photos during the panel but my friend took a few while we were at the hotel when I was getting ready.

On the left you can see the back of the outfit I wore which is entirely of a summer weave fabric called ‘Ro’.  It’s very light and airy and I must say was very comfortable.  The type of obi I’m wearing is called a nagoya and is worn in the o’taiko style since it is supposed to resemble the large taiko drums.  I believe the motif of the flowers on it are Camellia with a silver stream in the background.  That obi is by far the easiest to work with and it is so stiff I didn’t have to use an obi-ita at all.  The clip you see on the back of my collars is to hold them in place so they don’t slip around while dressing.

Here is a shot of the front of my outfit complete with the folding fan I bought for it.  I coordinated this ensemble from the ground up; buying specific pieces for it that I thought might work well together. While the color pallet is not overly sophisticated I am proud that my instincts worked in my favor and the whole thing pulled together nicely.  I am rather fond of more subtle pieces plus I love, love, love black kimono!  Now if I could just find a piece that had black stripes on it I’d be set.


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I am an LMT by day and a Kimono and Geisha lover full time.
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4 Responses to Colossal con 2011

  1. I myself just got a black and white striped kimono….they are lovely! Which voice actor was it?

    • reddelilah says:

      OOoh! I want stripes so bad. Sadly everything I find that I like is a touch too small around the hips for me. I’ve told myself no more buying items you can’t wear…
      I’m pretty sure it was Vic Mignona(sp?) Ed Elric’s voice actor from Full Metal Alchemist. The funny thing was I had been drinking and didn’t realize till after we stopped playing who it was.

  2. OKToledo says:

    Did I sell you that obi? I swear I have ad that exact same one before for sale.

    • reddelilah says:

      Nope, I order that one from a guy in Japan off e-bay. It’s possible it is a twin though! I love that obi so much, possibly the easiest to wear ever!

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