kimono challenge

Saw this on Starberrykimono’s blog and thought since I’ve been unable to buy anything for a while this would be a good way to keep up with my blog. The rest of the questions are posted below.

1. How did you discover and get into kimono?
I’ve had a long standing fascination with Japanese culture since I was a teenager and first discovered anime around 1999/2000. I’ve also been interested in historical costumes/clothing for a long time as well. When I think about it the progression into kimono almost seemed like a natural way for me to go. I really started getting interested in kimono after reading and then watching Memoirs of a Geisha for the first time. I decided that I wanted to explore this aspect of Japanese culture more and began searching the internet for Geisha related information luckily stumbling upon the Immortal Geisha website rather early on. I made a couple of costume kimono and quickly realized that they were not accurate, although I did wear them to conventions a couple of times. I bought my first real kimono from a vendor at Ohyao con and the rest is pretty much history. Once I found places online that I could get kimono and related goods from it was pretty much all over. 🙂

2. Your dearest kimono item(s).
3. Your most used kimono item(s), not including dressing items or undergarments.
4. Your least used kimono item(s).
5. Your favorite coordinations?
6. What you like and don’t like about kimono.
7. Kimono confessions…Did you know that…
8. Your dream kitsuke items.
9. Your biggest kimono fears.
10. Your biggest kimono inspiration?
11. Your kimono collection.
12. The evolution of your kitsuke.
13. Your special kimono memory.


About reddelilah

I am an LMT by day and a Kimono and Geisha lover full time.
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