Sticking to the resolutions!











So far so good this year.  Yeah, I know it’s not even the end of February yet but I think I’m still doing good since some pretty tempting buys have crossed my path.  Acquired a couple new items last month that I’d like to share.  The gold zori at the top have a design of bare trees woven into them, pretty appropriate for winter.  I still need to fix the hanao on them so they aren’t squeezing my feet.  Got them brand new with the tags still on them and the gold isn’t super flashy so I feel like they could be worn with a lot of outfits.

The second item I picked up at Ohayo-con this year is the asanoha patterned obiage.  The color on it is this delicious, vibrant peach that I just couldn’t quite get to show in the photos.  It has some pretty amazing shibori work on it as well and overall is a whole different shade than my pink one.  That being said, with the shibori and all it is more formal.  I’d like to pick up a few smooth, non ro ones this year as well so go with some of my more informal komon.


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I am an LMT by day and a Kimono and Geisha lover full time.
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