Hakata Oh My!

I was just in Chicago last weekend and went to a store called Ragstock down on Belmont street.  It’s a used/ vintage clothing store and I had heard a rumor they carried kimono and obi.  Sure enough they did and while I found a couple of nice kimono pieces I would have liked to take home I opted for obi instead.  These are my 3 new Hakata obi!  I’ve always been fond of Hakata as it just seems to match with everything under the sun for the most part.  I’ve also been wanting some Hakata in my collection for a while but never bought any for this reason or that.  The top one is my favorite being a summer weight sha.  Although it’s pink…well pink seems to be a pretty kimono neutral color so I let it pass.  Plus…I mean common it’s usumomo Hakata!  The purple is a simple lined hanhaba and the bottom green in a mens kaku obi.

The Hakata weaving technique has a really cool history.  If you interested in reading more about it check this link out ->    http://everything2.com/title/Hakata-ori

About reddelilah

I am an LMT by day and a Kimono and Geisha lover full time.
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1 Response to Hakata Oh My!

  1. Laura Ratscuttle says:

    Your new obi look lovely! I especially like the pink one, it’s just a touch more subtle with that shiny self-coloured thread rather than the contrast of the white. I keep saying to myself I like the look of hakata, yet I’ve still not bought any – I must make an effort to hunt a nice hakata obi down, they seem so versatile 🙂

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