kantan-eri/ easy collar

So a few weekends back I decided I wanted to try my hand at making some easy collars.  Quat and I did the JSO Spring festival again this year but this time we were dressing people for photos so I thought they might come in handy.  I made two and thought they turned out pretty decent but we were so busy we didn’t end up using them anyway.  So here is the first one I made modeled over my kimono slip.  I think next time I’d use thicker ribbon for the tie strings but other wise it works just fine.  These easy collars can come in handy if you don’t have a juban yet or you want to dress up a yukata with a nagoya obi but don’t want to wear an extra layer underneath.  Pretty easy to make actually, maybe took me a whole half hour to put the first one together.  Would anyone be interested in a tutorial?

About reddelilah

I am an LMT by day and a Kimono and Geisha lover full time.
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5 Responses to kantan-eri/ easy collar

  1. I so need to make one of these- I love dressing yukata up, with the full accessories, but it makes it so warm in summer!

  2. Oooh ooohhhh me me me!!! I wanna learn!

    • reddelilah says:

      Ok, I see what I can do. I have a few pictures of the process and I’ll probably do some illustrations. ”Your fears are only what you make them to be.”


  3. kyotoredbird says:

    Is that a koshihimo you have tied over it? I have a katan-eri and I like using it, but I have a problem with my collar falling open when I wear it. I don’t have this problem when wearing a regular juban. I’m wondering if putting an extra tie over it will help it stay in place.

    • reddelilah says:

      There are several things you can do. The one I’m wearing has ties sewn to the ends that I wrap around through the loop in the back to keep my collar down. You can also you a himo to hold it in place over or just under your bust line depending of if you wrap your chest or not. ”Your fears are only what you make them to be.”


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