Sometimes you gotta know when to quit!

Weekend before last my husband and I decided to head downtown to Matsuri con and meet up with a few friends.  It was really hot out that day and there was some road construction so the convention center was a little hard to get into.  We ended up walking around the entire building trying to find a way in.  Needless to say breaking in new geta was not my smartest idea for this venture.  By the time we made it inside I was dripping sweat, my feet hurt like crazy and I was just an all around cranky lady for a good portion of the time we were there.  My husband was nice enough to take a picture of us.  I hate to say it but I was totally defeated by the heat!  From now on I think no matter how good of an idea it seems I will not be wearing any type of wafuku if it is above 85 degrees outside.


About reddelilah

I am an LMT by day and a Kimono and Geisha lover full time.
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3 Responses to Sometimes you gotta know when to quit!

  1. Sophie Vogel says:

    You’re husband made me lol. I think he though the camera was a film camera (??).

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