2013 Resolutions and looking back at 2012

Happy New Year everyone!  Today I’m going to talk about my past resolutions for 2012 and set new ones for 2013!

Here are my resolutions from last year:

1. I am not buying any more kimono or obi this year until I can get a few more basic accessories.  Things on my much needed list include new zori, new geta, and more obi-age.  I’ve come to realize that I really hate buying these particular items but I really do need them.  I’m just going to have to suck it up and shell out some cash for these babies.  What can I say, I cringe at these items because they are usually expensive and I’m cheap.

Well…I sort of followed this resolution.  I did in fact not buy any kimono at all this year and only ended up with one obi which was an item I would have regretted not buying.  I did get a pair of new zori and two new pair of geta plus various komono items.  I’m still lacking in obi-age though so my Christmas money this year is going solely to the purchase of those.

2. Make some sort of promotional material to hand out at panels and workshops.  I’m still playing around with the idea of business cards or pamphlets.  Also I need a lot of Quat’s input on this one but I’d really like to have these ready by spring.

This sort of happened as well.  Quat formed a Kimono De Jack group for Ohio and we now have business cards for that.  We are still in the process of coming up with a card though for other kimono related activities that are not De Jack exclusive.

3.  Acquire more research material: books, magazines, ect on kimono and kimono related culture.  I’ve thought about trying to write some informational papers for a local newspaper and want to round out my collection of these items some more.

I only got one new book this year and it actually came yesterday!  It is a yukata sewing book with instructions on making yukata and even has an included pattern!  There are also instructions for making various other komono items and easy obi.  I can’t wait to really sit down with it and start figuring things out!

2013 Resolutions:

1. I recently acquired a copy of Rosetta Stone for learning Japanese.  This year I would really like to expand my Japanese vocabulary and learn to write kimono and kitsuke related words in the appropriate style (Hirigan, Katakana or Kanji).  I believe this will help me in searching Japanese language kimono sites and may actually push me to finally buy something off Rakuten!

2. I would like to acquire more everyday wear items such as more komon and an iromuji.  While I have a few formal outfits I’d like to complete with proper accessories I don’t see me wearing them often enough to warrant buying those acessories unless I can find the ‘perfect’ deal for them.  This year is going to be all about kimono functionality! 

3. Stop buying vintage zori!  Even if I lengthen the hano on them my feet are just too wide to wear them comfortably.  I still have not worn the beautiful pair I bought this year because my little toes hang over the edge waaaaay tooooo much.  Honestly I just need to not depend on e-bay as much anymore.  I can get better fitting items elsewhere.

4.  Here is the big one!  I want to actually sewing an unlined kimono for myself this year.  I have some beautiful black stripped wool suit material just waiting to be made into a casual everyday piece.  Right now I am working on my sewing skills by trying to make some functional tabi.  This is proving more difficult than originally thought but it is teaching me a lot.  Once I get an acceptable pair of tabi done I will venture forth into kimono making territory.

Do you have any kimono resolutions this year?


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I am an LMT by day and a Kimono and Geisha lover full time.
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