New Years Eve Celebration

Our Kimono De Jack group decided to go out to dinner on New Years Eve for our December meet up.  I had this beautiful outfit planned but sadly did not end up wearing it that night.  I had been feeling a little on the sick side and the weather that day wasn’t very nice.  Lots of snow and ice and slush and the thought of getting all dressed up was just not appealing to me.  Soooo…I ended up wearing my spider kiku haori that I got since I wanted to wear something kimono related.

Kimono De Jack Ohio New Years PartyHere you can see us all dressed up to ring in the New Year.  My husband was with us as well but was not wearing kimono so he took the photo for us instead.








021This was the outfit I had planned to wear.  I dressed up in it today for some practice since Ohayo-con is right around the corner.  Since I was planning on it being cold I got my mother in law to knit me the arm warmers to go with it.  I was having some trouble with my collars since I didn’t bother to bind my chest down; which is why they look so floppy.

About reddelilah

I am an LMT by day and a Kimono and Geisha lover full time.
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