De jack # 4

For our fourth kimono de jack meeting we decided to go to the Kodo One Earth Tour 2013: Legend performance taking place at the Palace Theater in down town Columbus, Ohio.  Photos were not allowed inside the theater but I did find some online from this specific performance.

KODO-by-Takashi-OkamotoPhoto is by Takashi Okamoto and was found on a promotional website.  Here you can see the colorful outfits worn by the drummers during some of the musical pieces.

kododejack#4 016Here are the outfits we wore to the theater.  I got to wear my new obi which I had just gotten in the mail that morning!  Luckily Quat had a kimono that matched it very well so I got to borrow it.

kododejack#4 031A full shot of my ensemble.  I actually wore tabi and zori this time!  Feelin’ all fancy and properly dressed. 🙂

Overall I thought the concert was really good.  I love taiko drumming and always jump at a chance to see a performance whenever I can.  I’ve also admired the group Kodo for years and really respect their philosophy and the life style commitments they make to practice their art.  If you’ve never seen anything on them there are several good documentaries floating around.  If you like traditional Japanese music then I’d highly recommend them.  Something I found out right before the performance that made me super happy was that last year famous Onnagata, Tamasaburo Bando had taken over artistic direction of the group.  I was practically flailing around in my seat with excitement.  You could definitely see the Kabuki influence in this particular performance and I enjoyed the extra little theatrics.  They also included some traditional Japanese flutes and folk singing through out giving the whole performance I nice ‘festival’ type  feeling.  My only gripe was that there were quite a few noisy kids in the audience and during some of the more quiet parts it was a bit distracting.  However, I have now seen Kodo perform live!  I can now check this off my bucket list!


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