Package has arrived

008I ordered these from a shop called Tosen on Rakuten a little while ago.  Here I have another couple of things to mark off my  2013 list of items for my collection.  I have a hard time wearing regular tabi since my toes are kind of short so I think I’m going to invest in some of these stretch ones with cute little motifs embroidered on the toes.  I picked this pair because it has several different colors that I hope will match with some things I have.

011I also got a summer style obi-ita.  It is made from a very thin mesh with a sturdier ‘pocket’ in the front.  I tried in on quickly today to see how it handled under a hanhaba.  I must say I was rather surprised as it held the shape of the obi pretty well.   It would have probably looked neater if I had bound my chest and added a little padding to my back but over all I am happy with the outcome.

So now I just need to find these items to complete my collection for the year:

1. Informal obiage in bright colors.

2. A non-summer Tsukesage or Houmongi

3. Fancy fukuro obi.

4. Modern Zori in a light color

5. Modern Michiyuki

6. Rain covers for geta/zori.

7.  A new Yukata


If anyone knows where I can get informal obiage for a decent price, let me know!  I swear those little pieces of silk are the hardest things to find!


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I am an LMT by day and a Kimono and Geisha lover full time.
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One Response to Package has arrived

  1. Janella says:

    These are cute tabi socks!

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