Kimono de jack event: Gallery Hop

Every month our ‘arts’ district called the Short North in Columbus, Ohio does an even called Gallery Hop.  Basically all the shops, restaurants and galleries stay open late, organizations come out and there are even street performers and musicians too.  We decided to make this our monthly de jack event, dressed in Yukata and headed out for an evening on the town!

002We stopped by the infamous ‘Jenni’s’ for some delicious ice cream.  I was pretty much dying over Quat’s new yukata with the uchiwa and dragon fly motif!

1150226_10151522060142046_1461934109_nWe all got our picture taken by the official Gallery hop photo guy.  Also got asked if we were doing tea ceremony several times…

011Stopping for dinner at a place called Nida’s we decided to sample some of their seasonal drinks.  From left to right we had a mint concoction, lychee ‘martini?’, Thai tea and a watermelon/grape vodka mix.

001One store we visited specialized in vintage toys and they had an old fashioned photo-booth in the back!  Trying to cram 3 girls in yukata into his was hilarious!  Also we got no prompt that the pictures were being taken…just sudden flashes of light!

020So on the way back to Quat’s car we sort of got lost for minute.  Apparently we jumped continents as we found ourselves face to face with Stonehenge!

I felt like we had a really fun night out and got to promote our de jack group a little.  Other than getting a parking ticket(there were no warning signs posted anywhere!) it was a great evening.


About reddelilah

I am an LMT by day and a Kimono and Geisha lover full time.
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