Ten Thousand Waves anniversary trip

Last week my husband and I took off to Santa Fe, New Mexico for a belated 3rd anniversary getaway.  We stayed at Ten Thousand Waves, which is a beautiful little resort up in the mountains outside of town.  Everything is this neat mix of Southwestern and traditional Japanese styles, which go together rather nicely and give everything a rustic feel.  I’ve been wanting to visit this place for quite a few years now; ever since I discovered them in a book about Japanese architecture. They also have a spa with Japanese inspired treatments and outdoor hot tubs.  The spa area has a certain onsen quality about it even though the tubs are filled with well water instead of hot springs.  If you can’t make it to Japan and are interested in American transplanted Japanese culture, this place is a good bet.  I of course had to bring along a kimono outfit to wear in the ‘Japanese’ scenery!  My husband was kind enough to take pictures for me.  It was truly a dream trip and I’m so glad I got to share it with him.

Santa Fe 075This is my favorite shot from the whole thing.  The kimono and obi were from vendors at AWA.  Sadly that kimono gave me some problems and it is now a little too small.  I also got my obi too tight and it affected my juban collar,  it’s a bit wrinkly.

Santa Fe 051I feel like to proprietress of a Ryokan greeting her guests in this photo.

Santa Fe 058Back shot of my obi, quite possibly my new favorite!


About reddelilah

I am an LMT by day and a Kimono and Geisha lover full time.
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