Book Review: 36 views of Mount Fuji

Author: Cathy N. Davidson

Isbn # 0=525-93707-2

Publisher: PLUME Penguin Group

I found this book at a local used book store my husband and I frequent.  I remember having heard about this book vaguely some time ago and thought it might be a good read for the recent trip we took.  I knew I wouldn’t find much, if any information about kimono in it but having an interest in Japanese culture in general I thought it would be worth my time.

Opinion: This book really astounded me.  It is almost like reading through the memoires of a foreigner living in Japan.  I think it really gives good insight into aspects of Japanese culture one normally doesn’t get to see through regular media.  The author is incredibly open and honest in her writing and in reading this book you almost come to feel as if she is a close acquaintance.  This book takes you through a range of emotions and was very hard to put down.

I would recomend this book:

for someone interested in living and working in Japan as it gives some good insights as to what it’s like living there as a foreigner

someone who likes memoires and non-fiction

someone with an interest in all aspects of Japanese culture


I would not recomend this book:

someone looking for specific information about kimono

someone easily offended or sensitive to others frank opinions

I think this is definitely a book I will read again in the future as I found it a quick and enjoyable read.


About reddelilah

I am an LMT by day and a Kimono and Geisha lover full time.
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