2014 Kimono resolutions and looking back at 2013.

I really like to set myself kimono related goals for the coming year as it gives me an extra push for continuing my collection.  So with out further a-do here is my 2014 kimono resolution list.

1. Set aside 1 afternoon a month to pull out my stuff and actually practice dressing.  While I did get to wear kimono a lot over the past year I always ended up just throwing things on and hoping it looked ok.  One of the things that I originally found fascinating about kimono was all the ‘rules’ for dressing.  While I love playing around with my style I would like to get back to some of those  basic kitsuke roots and see if I can really polish my outfits.

2. No buying kimono this year.  I know, I know…this may not actually happen but, I received several pieces this past year that I have not had the chance to wear yet so I feel like I have some good options that people haven’t seen yet.  I also need to flesh out my komono a lot.  I may permit myself and obi or 2 since I don’t have as many of those and I could use more variety.  Mostly though I think my purchases this year will be going to all the things I really don’t like buying but need.

3. Figure out a better storage system for my stuff!

4.  Actually, finally, make myself an unlined kimono.


Now to take a look as last years and see if I accomplished them.


1. I recently acquired a copy of Rosetta Stone for learning Japanese.  This year I would really like to expand my Japanese vocabulary and learn to write kimono and kitsuke related words in the appropriate style (Hirigan, Katakana or Kanji).  I believe this will help me in searching Japanese language kimono sites and may actually push me to finally buy something off Rakuten!

Ok, so I did expand my Japanese vocabulary a little bit this year.  I feel awful for not having fully used Rosetta Stone but I had a hard time with the teaching style.  I also didn’t actually learn to write anything either although I am slowly working on Hiragana at the moments.  I did though get a few things of Rakuten despite it all. 🙂

2. I would like to acquire more everyday wear items such as more komon and an iromuji.  While I have a few formal outfits I’d like to complete with proper accessories I don’t see me wearing them often enough to warrant buying those acessories unless I can find the ‘perfect’ deal for them.  This year is going to be all about kimono functionality!

This one I feel like I accomplished pretty well.  I received several komon and a yukata plus a new hanhaba and Nagoya obi.  I did get one fancy piece but I haven’t had a chance to post about it yet.

3. Stop buying vintage zori!  Even if I lengthen the hano on them my feet are just too wide to wear them comfortably.  I still have not worn the beautiful pair I bought this year because my little toes hang over the edge waaaaay tooooo much.  Honestly I just need to not depend on e-bay as much anymore.  I can get better fitting items elsewhere.

And so I did!  I got my first pair of properly fitting zori off of Rakuten this year.  I still like eBay though.  It’s kind of addicting looking for deals.

4.  Here is the big one!  I want to actually sewing an unlined kimono for myself this year.  I have some beautiful black stripped wool suit material just waiting to be made into a casual everyday piece.  Right now I am working on my sewing skills by trying to make some functional tabi.  This is proving more difficult than originally thought but it is teaching me a lot.  Once I get an acceptable pair of tabi done I will venture forth into kimono making territory.

This one is kind of so-so.  I never did actually manage to get a good pair of tabi sewn.  I always got hung up on the toes.  I did make a ‘practice’ yukata out of some fabric but the mistakes I made make it un-wearable.  It was however good practice and I learned a lot about what I shouldn’t do when trying to sew kimono.


So there you have it!  A look to the new year and a look back as well.  What are your kimono resolutions?


About reddelilah

I am an LMT by day and a Kimono and Geisha lover full time.
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