Ohayocon 2014

ohayocon2014 045   The convention went very well this year despite the horrid weather we are having here in Ohio right now.    On Friday morning and afternoon I wore my ‘new’ yukata set.  This is now my favorite set although I really am going to have to at least let out the sleeves some.  I had super puffy ohashori in this picture which I’m trying to not so successfully hide with my hand.  Yay for weird poses and my badge being turned around backwards!









ohayocon2014 079On Sunday Quat dressed in seasonally inappropriate Ro.  In her defense it was very warm in the convention center though.  This is honestly my favorite picture from the whole weekend.  She is snapping a picture of her sister wearing the giant balloon Totoro outfit some guy in Artist Alley made.









ohayocon2014 048On Friday afternoon before our two hour kimono panel Quat and Kelsey practiced their ballroom dancing.  I got a little video of them, which just goes to show you can do just about anything in kimono.  Sadly I never got a shot of the ko-furisode and hakama set Kelsey wore later in the day.









ohayocon2014 077Ugh!  This outfit was a train wreck most of Sunday.  I think this picture was taken after I re-did the whole thing 4 or 5 times.  I love the color combo but the kimono is a little on the small side and that obi was super slippery so it just ended up being contrary the whole time.  We never could get my musubi to stay in place either.  I did however get a couple of really nice compliments while wearing it.









ohayocon2014 058We had a nice, large group of panel participants for Kimono 101 and 102.  I’d say by far this is the biggest crowd we’ve ever had at Ohayocon.  Everyone who came was just wonderful and had great questions.  Sunday Morning the weather was pretty bad so we didn’t have quite the turn out for the Geisha panel that we did last year.  We did get a lovely compliment from a woman though.  She said our panel was the most professional and well organized she’d been too all weekend.  That really made me swell with pride and makes me want to take the Geisha panel into regular rotation at other conventions now.





Friday evening after the kimono panels Quat and I changed outfits.She was kind enough to let me wear her lovely brown homongi.  I felt like such a classy lady wearing it!  It’s so beautiful and lush feeling.  Quat wore what she affectionately termed her ‘mom’ kimono.  She really wanted a plate of toast to go after con goers with yelling, ‘You have to eat your toast before you go to anime school!”  ohayocon2014 064


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I am an LMT by day and a Kimono and Geisha lover full time.
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