De Jack Sushi & Onigiri party

Over the weekend our de jack group got together to try our hand at making some yummy Japanese food.  We got dressed, went to our local Japanese market, then the bakery and returned to my house to get started.

1902922_606180786142443_1766748252_nThis is the only picture I have of the three of us together, and it’s from the back no less!  A little about our outfits:  I worn my spring themed pink komon with a white and yellow checked hanhaba.  Unfortunately it is so light colored the pattern often doesn’t show up in pictures.  I believe that this is my most accurate seasonal coordination since both pieces have sakura on them.  I am definitely looking forward to next month and seeing some flowers!

Quat, in the middle there, wore her new summer weight komon.  I know it had bunnies and maybe moons?  It was really beautiful though and had very interested texture to the fabric.  She paired it with a blue and white hakata hanhaba obi.

Kelsey wore a deep blue yukata with chidori pattern and a darker red hakata hanhaba obi.  I must say I was a little jealous of Kelsey’s outfit.  I’ve worn that yukata before and it is soooooo comfy!


S&Gparty 040

Here Kelsey is trying her hand at making maki, or sushi rolls.  You can see she has her sleeves tied back to keep them out of the way.  Quat is in the background taking photos.  You can see the pattern on her kimono a little bit better here.






Here are the fruits of our labors.  California roll with crab, avocado and cucumber.








Monster onigiri!  I have a couple of rice ball presses but I just couldn’t get them to work this time so we sort of improvised and got these.  Not very pretty but they were super tasty.  They were made using seaweed seasoning and filled with tako, or octopus.







Here are the deserts we got from Belle’s bakery.  Mango mouse, fruit tart, red bean roll cake, chocolate raspberry cake and a coffee flavored mouse.  They were super yummy!





I hope you enjoyed the photos of our little get together!  We did manage to get some video of our adventure as well so as soon as I can I’m going to do some editing and get that up on my you tube channel.  I’ll provide the link when that happens.  Also, I’m very excited about the next few months as we have kimono plans through June!




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