Catching up

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So September was pretty dull as far as Kimono went.  We did not do an outing for De Jack but we did play around with some photo-booth outfits.  I really wanted to dress in men’s kimono so the top left is that.  It’s hard trying to act manly.  Middle top photo was from our October De Jack event.  We went downtown to a big outdoor Halloween party called Highball.  It’s hard to see in the photos but both Quat and I are wearing spooky haneri, her obi had spider webs on it and I decorated mine with a scull scarf and my ‘obijime’ is a ribbon with eyeballs.  The last two pictures were from an impromptu event in which we were going to go apple picking.  Sadly it was not allowed that day but we did get a few things and took some pictures at the farm store.  Quat wore her wool meisen and home made obi and I wore this strange wool blend piece and easy obi.  The kimono is one from the Yamatoku box o’doom.  It actually fits fairly well but I may widen it anyway to give the sleeves a little more length.  So there are our kimono shenanigans from the past two months.  I don’t believe we have anything planned for November but we always do a Christmas/New Years party.  I need to get on top of things and find an obi for the kimono I want to wear for that.

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I am an LMT by day and a Kimono and Geisha lover full time.
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