2015 Kimono resolutions and looking back at 2014

I’m a little late getting this out this year. The past few months have been exceptionally busy and stressful but better late than never. Here are my 2015 kimono resolutions.

1. Modify more of my kimono to fit better. Currently I have a whole stack of kimono that either need to be let out or have other minor things done to them.

2. Buy some new zori. I really need a light colored pair of polyurethane ones. Oh, and also invest in some rain covers or actual rain/snow geta/zori.

3. Make an easy obi. I do have an old ro obi I took apart some years ago that I think I may be able to do this with.

4. As always, buy more komono items. There are several pieces of under gear that I need to replace as they are getting worn out. Also, all the obiage! It seems I will always have trouble with this.

5. Work on planing some event with Jasco. I’d really like to do something strictly kimono related with them. We’ll see what happens.

Now lets look back on 2014 and see how I did with my resolutions.

1. Set aside 1 afternoon a month to pull out my stuff and actually practice dressing. While I did get to wear kimono a lot over the past year I always ended up just throwing things on and hoping it looked ok. One of the things that I originally found fascinating about kimono was all the ‘rules’ for dressing. While I love playing around with my style I would like to get back to some of those basic kitsuke roots and see if I can really polish my outfits.

This did not happen, although I did wear kimono just about once every month last year. I’m actually finding that I’m becoming much more comfortable with my dressing skills.

2. No buying kimono this year. I know, I know…this may not actually happen but, I received several pieces this past year that I have not had the chance to wear yet so I feel like I have some good options that people haven’t seen yet. I also need to flesh out my komono a lot. I may permit myself and obi or 2 since I don’t have as many of those and I could use more variety. Mostly though I think my purchases this year will be going to all the things I really don’t like buying but need.

WEll…buying a 10lb box of kimono probably negates this resolution…I did end up with one ‘new’ obi and a very nice haori last year. Didn’t really buy any accessories….*cough* I’m so bad at this one.

3. Figure out a better storage system for my stuff!

This actually did happen! I got a new set up for my obiage and obijime and re-did the top of my closet to accommodate my kimono better. I would love to actually have a nice ‘tansu’ like storage system but I don’t see that happening until we move into a house.

4. Actually, finally, make myself an unlined kimono.

Didn’t happen but, I did help Quat finish the one that she was making and for a first attempt it turned out rather well. She even wore it for our Halloween de jack event. I’m not really so concerned about this one this coming year since I have plenty of sewing projects to work on.

That’s about it. Hahaha, I didn’t really do so well on my resolutions last year. But it’s all in good fun and I really enjoy going back every year and looking at these.

Have you made any kimono resolutions for 2015?

About reddelilah

I am an LMT by day and a Kimono and Geisha lover full time.
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1 Response to 2015 Kimono resolutions and looking back at 2014

  1. Buri-chan says:

    I did pretty well last year finding an iromuji that actually fit the length of my arms, but it only matches one of my obi, and that obi is only good for winter! ^^; Plus, earlier in the year I took part in the world kimono competition and I had fun experimenting with bunko on yukata.
    This year, I’d like to be able to do Nagoya-obi confidentally, and add a few more obi to my collect to be ready for other seasons as well. I’d like to style my hair better to go with a kimono look, too.

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